Time for Solar

Introducing Time for Solar


We are about 150 million kilometers away from the sun and yet it’s our most valuable power reserve and the source of all life on Earth. By converting its energy, we have made yet another big step in our sustainability journey. Through mixing traditional watch-making and ecologically-aware innovation, we are proud to present our first collection of solar powered watches, featuring the reliability and design thoughtfulness of our previous collections.

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The technology in our solar watches uses natural or artificial light as operating power. The dial of the watch channels the light to the solar cell underneath the dial which collects and converts it into electricity that charges the integrated battery. Having been charged completely, the watch can run in the dark for several months.

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Conventional quartz watches are powered by disposable batteries that require frequent replacements, while this solar watch runs reliably and with the highest precision by charging the integrated battery every time exposed to any type of light. After a long usage (5+ years), the rechargeable battery may need replacement.

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