UOCEAN 2050 is a pioneering project by The Vayyu Foundation, that is advocating for accessible conservation for all to protect the future of our oceans. UOCEAN 2050 actively engages in national and international clean ups, river barrier systems, educational projects and media projects collaborating with governments, businesses, private stakeholders, schools and universities to raise awareness and foster ocean conservation.

Uniting to Drive Positive Change

In addition to sharing the belief that ocean health is critical, TRIWA and UOCEAN 2050 share the belief that driving change does not need to be done in a negative way. In fact, both TRIWA and UOCEAN 2050 believe that celebrating the "small wins", encouraging engagement and effort rather than finger-pointing and complaining, is right way forward. This approach is unique for a charity organization, who often gets support by freaking everyone out and fear-mongering so those they approach feel obligated to support them. And the fact that UOCEAN 2050 is inclusive, positive, and optimistic is a very good reason for TRIWA, and anyone else to support them.


In conjunction with the launch of the TRIWA Ally Fund we have chosen UOCEAN 2050 as our first ally. An ally is one who shares a same goal, joining forces to achieve this goal, together. With this in mind, we feel UOCEAN 2050 is the ideal partner for the TRIWA Ocean Ally Watch, where €5 (approx $5, £4, 50 sek) of every Ocean Ally Watch purchased goes to UOCEAN 2050, supporting their mission to combat river and ocean plastics and restore marine ecosystems, working with minority and stigmatised communities on their 3 pillar approach of Clean up - Educate - Advocate.

Join us as we support UOCEAN 2050, a true Ocean Ally, and a true example of an organization driving positive change in the world. It's Time for Change!

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