Text About Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze celebrates the arrival of a long-awaited summer. It consists of two new Ocean Plastic SUB models: Turtle & Orca, featuring colorful details in yellow and turquoise. The collection is inspired by early surf movies such as Gidget and Endless Summer and produced in collaboration with Tide Ocean Material

About the watch Summer Breeze

The watch

Our divers watch made completely from recycled ocean plastic. We call it Ocean Plastic SUB and it’s made as a tribute to the early under water explorers. The watch is filled with ocean references, such as three dimensional ocean pattern on the dial, the oversized luminous indexes and hands and the rotating bezel. The watch is 10 ATM water resistant for activities on and under water.

The issue text

The state of the ocean

Each year 8 million metric tons of plastic, the equivalent of a dump truck load every minute, enters our oceans  - joining the estimated 150 million tons of plastic that currently circulate. The plastic pollution has a deep and irreversible impact on marine life and our planet. Together with Tide Ocean Material we have developed this collection of watches as a solution to the problem and a symbol of change. For every watch sold, you help to clean the oceans from more plastic and take a stand for the health of our oceans.

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