Pizza Guide

We love our hometown, this is where we live, eat, love and find inspiration. There are countless things to do in Stockholm, this time around we would like to share our favourite pizza places!

A perfect date night at

Crispy Pizza Bistro

Upplandsgatan 45
Tuesday-Saturday 17.00-21.30
Sunday 17.00-20.30 Monday closed

A restaurant that believe sharing is caring, and luck that is, you’ll have a hard time deciding on just one pizza! Their signature crispy base is made of organic and locally sourced flour and they are with no doubt delicious.

The cozy and rustic environment is perfect for a date night!

Create your own pizza at

Meno Male

Roslagsgatan 15
Monday-Friday 11.00-22.00
Saturday-Sunday 12:00-22:00

Meno Male means “Thank goodness”, and that’s the feeling you get when taking your first bite of their amazing pizzas. They are baked in 450 degrees and it only takes 90 seconds for the pizzas to get from doughy and cold to crispy and cheesy.

Choose one of their classics from the chalkboard or create your own pizza combination! But remember to leave some room for the fried Nutella pizza afterwards…

Go bananas at


Skånegatan 47
Monday-Friday 17.00-01.00
Saturday-Sunday 12.00-01.00

At Bananas we suggest to go bananas. Start off with a cocktail by the bar in the neon lights, then move on to the unbelievably delicious Neapolitan baked pizzas, just to finish off with a banana grated in white chocolate and coconut.

You’ll be satisfied to say the least…

Flatbread pizzas with a twist at

Delibruket Flatbread

Bergsgatan 1, Sundbyberg
Monday-Thursday 11.00-14.00 17.00-21.00
Friday 11.00-14.00 17.00-23.00 Saturday 12.00-15.00 17.00-23.00
Sunday 12.00-15.00 17.00-21.00

You’ll have to go a bit outside the city, but it’s totally worth the drive. No one could resist these Neapolitan flatbread pizzas with a twist!

Inspired by Italy and the US, the flatbreads comes in flavour combinations that makes them absolutely unique. Try their Pulled pork pizza, the vegan one or the “Simple alternative”