We met up with the Swedish blogger, writer and TRIWA ambassador Michaela Forni to ask her about her favorite spots in Stockholm!

If you could only choose one place in Stockholm for the following: Breakfast, Date, Dinner & drinks with friends. Where would you go?

I would choose breakfast at Snickarbacken 7! I love to go there early mornings with my computer and have a little alone time. For a date, I like Oaxen Slip - Djurgården is the perfect place for dates, both during day and night. My new favourite place for dinner and drink is Bardot, a new restaurant in the middle of Stockholm!

Do you have any "hidden spots” in Stockholm that you would like to share with us?
Etnografiska museet is a great sunday activity. Dont miss their restaurant/coffee shop with all organic food and sweets.

What’s the most nostalgic place in Stockholm for you? 
Probably Gröna Lund, because it was my all time favourite place when I was a kid. We went there once every year and it was the best day of the whole year!

What do you miss in Stockholm?
More messy drink-places, haha. I love places that are a restaurant and nightclub in one. Loud music, dancing at the table but still with great food!

What activities (museums + restaurants etc) would you recommend for someone who just have 1 day in Stockholm ?
Moderna Museet is great, have a brunch at Hotel Skeppsholmen right across the street from the museum. Have a coffee at Il Caffe (Mäster Samuelsgatan) and make a couple of shopping stops at Biblioteksgatan. Dinner and drinks at Milles and then end the night with more drinks at Story Hotel/Ling Long