We love our hometown, this is where we live, eat, love and find inspiration. There are a lot of things to do in Stockholm, this time around we would like to share our favourite ice-cream bars.

The best seasonal range of ingredients at


Kungsholms Strand 167
Monday-Friday 12.00-18.00
Saturday & Sunday 11.00-18.00

Need to cool down from the summer heat? We recommend you to visit Fryst, which means “Frozen” in Swedish. They offer delicious ice-cream made with the best ingredients they can find, and the flavours vary depending on creativeness and curiosity!

Visit the ice-cream bar for a lovely scoop of cardamom & rhubarb, or a classic scoop of strawberry ice-cream made of Swedish summer strawberries. If you can’t find your favourite flavour, write it down on the chalkboard!

Carefully produced gelato in the most addictive flavours at


Ålstensgatan 12, Bromma
See Facebook page for opening hours (Gelato Scarfó)

This is where you’d never be disappointed. The carefully produced gelato comes in the most addictive flavours, and picking just two is almost impossible! White Chocolate, Liquorice, Almond sorbet or Lemon Cream, just to mention a few.

Scarfó Gelateria doesn’t only specialise in gelato, they also serve Cioccolata Calda, fantastic Italian hot chocolate. Served directly from their chocolate fountain!

Homemade organic gelato at


Hornsbergs strand, Nybrogatan, Sankt Eriksplan, Drottninggatan and more...
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Nicole Emson from Texas had very long and thin legs when she grew up, so everyone started to call her Stikki Nikki. She came to Sweden in 2007 after working as a chef, a pastry cook and a confectioner in almost every part of the world, with a dream of starting her own gelato bar.

The gelato is organic and freshly handmade every day. She offers more than 500 different flavours, some classics and some experimental, such as Whey Butter and Campari Grapefruit sorbet.

Compact and creamy with the most intense flavours


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If you are looking for true Italian gelato, this is it! No muss, no fuss - this gelato is made just like it should be. Compact and creamy with the most intense flavours. Nonna’s Gelato has been awarded for their Hazelnut, their Lemon Sorbet, Raspberry Sorbet and, of course, their Chocolate.

Chris and Thomas, the lovely couple behind the business, came up with the idea of opening an Italian gelato bar in Sweden while eating gelato on their honeymoon in Toscana, Italy.