We love our hometown, this is where we live, eat, love and find inspiration. There are countless things to do in Stockholm, this time around we would like to share our favourite fika spots!

Café, gallery and concept store at


Snickarbacken 7, Stockholm

Located in a building which once was a stable in the late 1800’s, you’ll find a cool café and exhibition space which goes by the name Snickarbacken 7. This hidden gem is undoubtedly a hotspot for Stockholm creatives. Not only does Snickarbacken always have an inspiring exhibition decking the walls of the café, but there’s also a concept store located in the back.

In the concept store you’ll find a very personal and carefully selected collection of jewellery, homeware, stationary and more. But before heading to the concept store why not indulge in the array of delicious fika goodies in the café?

Psst.. Snickarbacken makes incredible ice lattes!

Photography by Sebastian Hellström

Simply delicious


Norrtullsgatan 4, Stockholm

Three sibling’s love for good coffee, organic products and craftsmanship drove them to start Café Pascal. This café is a trendy fika spot among locals, and more importantly its famous around Stockholm for having the most delicious cinnamon buns!

Crowned as Stockholm’s best café by DN’s Gulddraken award, this place should not be overlooked!

Images retrieved from Café Pascal

Heaven in a cup


Stortorget 18, Stockholm

This hole-in-the-wall café is rumoured to be Stockholm’s most loved café. Chokladkoppen translates directly into chocolate cup… can you guess what they specialise in? That’s right, hot chocolate!

Situated on Nytorget, which is slap bang in the middle of Stockholm’s old town, makes this the ultimate people watching spot. So settle down on Chokladkoppen’s enchanting summer terrace with a hot chocolate and a kardemummabulle in hand and try to guess the life stories of people passing by.

Image retrieved from Chokladkoppen

Winning the hearts (and stomachs) of Stockholm!


Nybrogatan 23, Stockholm

Considering the fact that Ingrid is a relatively recent addition to Nybrogatan, it’s truly astonishing how this little bakery has won the hearts (and stomachs) of so many in such a short amount of time!

A brisk stroll past Ingrid and you’ll get a whiff of the deliciousness inside… if the smell doesn’t make you want to go in and get a taste of a truly Swedish fika then I honestly don’t know what will!

One thing is for sure… if you do decide to peek inside you won’t be disappointed!

Photography by Alexandra Svärdh