We love our hometown, this is where we live, eat, love and find inspiration. There are countless things to do in Stockholm, this time around we would like to share our favourite adventures!

Stockholm from a new perspective

Rooftop Walk

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Do you want to take your adventuring to the next level? Then this walk was made for you!

Liveit offers a unique experience to walk along the rooftops of the old parliament building on Riddarholmen. This is an experience that will give you incredible panorama views of Stockholm.

Throughout this idyllic rooftop stroll the charismatic guides will tell you all about the history of this magnificent city. Although the walk is likely to give you butterflies in your stomach, you’ll be pleased to know that you are securely fastened to the roof so you don’t have to be worried about falling off.

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Get your pulse pumping on the battlefield

Delta Force Paintball

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TPrepare to get geared up for this next adventure - combat suit, full-head goggles complete with fog-free lens, body armour and the latest semi-automatic paintball gun. A day at Delta Force Paintball is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

With a variety of different sets to choose from, with everything ranging from Viking castles to a Viet Cong village, the battlefields at Delta Force Paintball are designed to fully immerse you in your chosen world.

Why not grab a group of friends and challenge them to a paintball battle? With these extremely realistic sets people are bound to get competitive!

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Fly like a bird and dive like a dolphin


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Add Water offers a rather unusual way to experience Stockholm’s archipelago… both above and beneath the surface. Although it takes a couple of minutes to master the flyboard, the process of doing so is incredibly fun!

Whether you just want to get a taster or want to give it a proper go, Add Water offers 15, 30 and 60 minute sessions – so go with whatever your heart desires. Why not surprise a friend with this bizarre activity on a sunny summers day!

One thing is for sure… it won’t be boring!

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A unique way to see the city

Kayak Tour

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Its no secret that there is an abundance of water in Stockholm… after all it’s an entire city built on a collection of islands. It would therefore be silly to not take advantage of the perks!

We’ve got the perfect adventure for you, join Långholmen Kayaks for a paddle around Stockholm city. Sounds pretty nice, right? Well.. it is!

Långholmen Kayaks take good care of you and recommend a variety of routes that vary in length as well as difficulty. It’s safe to say that there is something for everyone!

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