Message from the CEO

"TRIWA exists to drive positive change in the world. With this in mind, we believe a worn item should help tell a personal story – connecting a person’s inner values with their outward expression, and bringing positive change to the world in the process.

In order to accelerate our vision to drive positive change in the world, we are looking for investment partners to join us in our journey.  TRIWA has innovative watches, but why stop at watches, and why only focus on our own D2C channels, when we can do so much more? With this in mind, raised capital will go to new product launches, expanding our marketing efforts, and expanding the regional reach as we expand our B2B business. 

It’s Time for Change. Join us!" – Ryan Looysen

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The Problem We See

The accessories industry often relies on a linear supply-chain model, where virgin materials are used to produce nice items that will be used for a short time and then cast away. TRIWA challenges this by working with innovative materials that would otherwise be garbage, or that are created using alternative production techniques.

By using innovative materials in otherwise established industrial processes, we lead the way towards positive change. In addition, when we show that things can be different even while making overlooked items that are already in use in daily life, we are offering the consumer a well-designed, ethical solution - something that they can wear with a clear conscience.

The Solution

There are problems in the world, and we aim to be part of the solution, by giving a voice to change-makers, and by using alternative material solutions.

Oceans, an extremely important part of our global ecosystem, are full of single-use plastic. Working closely with #tide we have taken that plastic and made watches - and we will do more.

Gun Violence is a problem - and enough is enough. In collaboration with IM Sweden, we use Humanium Metal, a metal made from deconstructed weapons, to make watches - and that’s just the beginning.  

Gender Inequality is an issue that needs continual work - last year, we launched our Time for Power - supporting the organization Girl Up. We look forward to broadening the concept and continually elevating this important message.

Steel as a material is very energy-intensive, relying on fossil fuels. Thru collaboration with SSAB, we have created the world’s first consumer product made of steel that did not rely on fossil fuels.

These are just some of the problems that we are aiming to solve - we are here to drive positive change in the world, and we do so every day.

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