Introducing the TRIWA Ally Fund

TRIWA exists to drive positive change in the world, every day.  We aim to transform the way people act and think about activism, by giving voices to those who are making a difference, and showing people that everyone can make a difference, thru small and large actions. Change can be done without a frown, without being angry or annoyed. We started to think: what if someone saw a problem, but there was a financial hurdle in solving it?  Can we support our community, our allies in Ocean Health, do good?

Introducing the TRIWA Ally Fund!

The TRIWA Ally Fund was born out of a desire of us at TRIWA to formalize and help serve as a springboard for individuals and small organizations, to lessen any financial blocks in taking action.  Aimed at helping small organizations and individuals who want to do something good for ocean health*, the money gathered in the TRIWA Ally Fund is available for use for any project large or small.This could be cleanup or preventative action, with any element of the ocean ecosystem in mind.

How does the TRIWA Ally Fund get funded

If a TRIWA item is part of the Ally Fund collection, we will place €5 (approx $5 or £4) into the fund for every item sold.  Simple as that!  

Occasionally, we will partner with an organization for an Ally Fund item - such as UOCEAN 2050 for our Ocean Ally Watch, or Local Ocean Conservation for our Ocean Ally Belt in Light Seaweed. In those instances, we are reserving the ally funds for those items for those organizations.

Check in regularly, we will drop in more and more Ally Fund Items in the months ahead, and sometimes we will denote a specific item as a "guest item" to the Ally fund for a short period.

How can I or my organization apply for funds?

In the future we will have an easy application feature - until that time, we have an email address, [email protected] where you can email your application.  Please outline in no more than 2 paragraphs what your project is, specifically what the funds will be used, and how much you are asking for.  Easiest for approval are specific requests for lower sums of money - remember the intention of the fund is to help the individual and small organization limit financial hurdles in doing good for ocean health!

What products support the TRIWA Ally Fund?

The Ally Watch is a 37mm all-gender Ocean Bound Plastic watch.  The watch case and zulu strap are made from #tide ocean materials.  The watch is black with a white face and black markings.

The Ally Belt is launching soon! It's a cut-to-size belt made, and it is the world’s first 100% Ocean Bound Plastic belt.  The belt material is #tide ocean material, and the buckle and end tip is steel.  Belt colors are black, deep blue, and seaweed green.  The buckle and end tip are black for all styles.

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