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TRIWA joins forces with The Next Cartel to release their first NFT watch inspired by ancient solar techniques.

The watch is presented in a digital pop up store accessible here where users can have a fully immersive virtual experience. The collection serves as a translation of what the sun represented for humanity in the past, and is an affirmation of its importance in our lives in the present.

About the NFT Collaboration

The NFT's will be available on Flow Blockchain, the most eco-friendly currency via proof of consumption that consumes thousands of times less energy.

“The clockwork of the watch is inspired by an ancient solar technique to tell the time, where a shadow is formed by a blade in the middle of the clockwork, showing the time based on the position of the sun.” Says Cornel Doornebosch, Digital Fashion Designer at The Next Cartel.

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The creative synergy between the two brands coming together, in a forward thinking way brings history, sustainability, art and fashion to the blockchain. Creating value for each investor and fashion collector.

These limited Time for Sun NFT cost 330 eur each and are exclusively available on The Next Cartel's Marketplace.


What is an nft?

What is an NFT?

An NFT is one-of-a-kind piece of digital content that is an officially licensed collectible. NFT means non-fungible token. The NFTs ownership is authenticated and verifiable by blockchain, a technology used for crypto currencies. That means that while copies of videos, images and even animated gifts can multiply on the internet, there can only be one with a certificate of authenticity. Like any other collectible, you can buy, sell and trade them in an NFT store.

Got curious? Read more about it here.

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