Time for greater good

Beekeeping in Ukraine is a major economic activity – Ukraine produces 75 million metric tons of honey annually, and the country is one of the top five honey producers in the world.

Greater Good Charities is leading an effort to prevent further loss of bee colonies from starvation in Ukraine due to the current crisis in the country by providing an initial donation of more than 37,000 pounds of bee pollen substitute and 11,000 pounds of sugar to local beekeepers in the hardest hit areas. Additionally, Greater Good Charities will gift Ukrainian beekeepers with 500 queen bees and 500 hives of bees to help rebuild colonies that were destroyed.

TRIWA has pledged to make a difference by donating 5% of sales from their classic watches to Greater Good Charities, dedicated to safeguarding and supporting bee colonies in Ukraine.

Protect bee colonies from further loss

Over the past year, tens of thousands of bee colonies have been destroyed due to the impact of the war, and upon emerging from hibernation in March - April, more bees are at risk of starvation without the proper supplemental feeding of sugar and pollen.

· Bees provide critical pollination to crops, and honey production is a major industry in Ukraine. Both issues are integral to the country’s long-term food security and economy.

· Many Ukrainian beekeepers had to flee their homes and abandon their hives. These hives were eventually destroyed by Varroa mites or the impact of munitions, rockets, and chemicals. Additionally, beekeeper equipment in those areas was also left in ruin.

Bee the change you want to see

Customers who choose to purchase a classic TRIWA watch can now feel even better about their choice, knowing that their investment not only represents a timeless style statement but also contributes directly to the preservation of our planet's essential pollinators. It's a meaningful way to make a difference, one watch at a time.

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