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Welcome to the TRIWA Classics

Founded in 2007, TRIWA aimed to shake up the watch industry – challenging what a watch stands for: status. In the process, TRIWA defined the watch as a statement symbol rather than a status symbol – proving that it can be done with well-designed watches for men and watches for women. Over time, wearing a TRIWA watch has come to signify that you are modern, forward-thinking – and that you can show it with taste by wearing a watch with great design.

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What are the TRIWA Classics?

Our TRIWA Classics are the watches developed before we launched the “Time for Change” collections, made from Humanium, Ocean Plastic, SSAB Fossil Free Steel. The classics are proven styles that have been customer favorites from the start, including the watches for men, such as the Nevil and Falken, and watches for women, Nikki, Svalan, Elva. When we say “watches for men” and “watches for women”, this mainly denotes the size of the watch. What is the difference between the different TRIWA Classics?

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