Ocean Ally Belt - Ocean Blue

Ocean Ally Belt - Ocean Blue

Black Buckle
The Ocean Ally Belt is a cut-to-size, webbed style and an exciting world first for belts, having been made from 100 percent Ocean Bound Plastic. Ocean Bound Plastic is plastic waste which is defined as “at risk of ending up in the ocean” and is estimated to generate 80 percent of plastic marine litter. The Ally Belt Ocean Bound Plastic in our belts is provided by #tide ocean material®. The belt is is available in three colorways: black, ocean blue and seaweed green, each with black buckle and end tip. €5 of each Ocean Ally Belt goes to The TRIWA Ally Fund.
  • Width: 3,8 cm
  • Length: 115 cm
  • Belt Material: Recycled Ocean Plastic

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