Time to Talk

Time to Talk

Brown Classic
An initiative for life-changing conversations.A timepiece that changes color to reflect your mood. The collaboration between Mind and TRIWA - part of the proceeds go to Mind’s work for mental health.

This Triwa X Mind timepiece is made to start conversations about mental health. The watch features a unique heat-reactive dial that changes color to reflect the mood of the wearer. Can the watch really tell how you feel inside? The basic science behind mood color (thermochromatic pigments) is that it reflects changes in your body temperature that can occur in response to cognitive emotions. However, the watch is probably never going to tell you something about how you feel inside that you didn’t already know. See the colors as a reminder to take a moment to focus on how you feel inside!

For every watch sold, we give back 15% to Mind’s work for mental health. It’s time to talk about how we feel inside.

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Time to Talk