Local Oceans Conservation

Local Ocean Conservation (LOC) is an ocean conservation not-for-profit organisation committed to the protection of Kenya’s marine species and habitats. LOC exists to ensure the marine environments in which we operate are effectively managed and conserved to benefit local communities and commercial stakeholders.

Protect Sea Turtles, Protect the World.
Sea turtles are such a fantastic indicator of ocean health, if we protect and enhance the environmental elements that sea turtles need to thrive, humanity and other species also benefit.

Local Oceans Conservation Programs

There are a series of programs under the Local Oceans Conservation umbrella:

  • Watamu Turtle Watch is the flagship programme, started by local residents in 1997 to protect nesting sea turtles, and 

    Diani Turtle Watch, started in 2012. Beach Monitors patrol the beaches every night to keep the turtles and their nests safe.

  • Rescue & Bycatch Release is a true community effort. Hundreds of turtles are rescued every year by working closely with the fishing community. Total no. of turtles rescued 23,100!

  • Specialist Rehabilitation Centre where sick and injured turtles are monitored, nursed back to health and then returned to the ocean.

  • Beach profiling allows for investigating seasonal and climate changes in the beach profile, to monitor the impacts of human behaviour, climate change and seasonal weather patterns.

In addition, there are several research and education-driven initiatives, to ensure shared knowledge in the global effort for marine conservation. An elevated level of awareness, community involvement, and restoration activities are taking place (such as vital work restoring mangroves).

TRIWA x Local Ocean Conservation

The combination of ocean conservationeducation and outreach programs enables Local Ocean Conservation to make a real difference in ensuring the future of the marine environment. At TRIWA, we exist to drive positive change in the world, and supporting partners like LOC is a perfect fit because their dedication to making a positive impact has a wide approach and integrates community involvement. This is inspiring, and it is a model that we hope more organizations will emulate as they aim to improve their impact.

Join us in supporting Local Ocean Conservation - get the word out about what they are doing, support them in any way you can. Starting 15 August 2023, TRIWA will contribute €7 (approx $7) of every TRIWA Ocean Plastic SUB Turtle watch sold to LOC (this is equal to €1 for each of the seven sea turtle species). This contribution comes with hopes that the TRIWA community can make LOC's work a little easier and their impact larger. It's Time for Change, and Local Oceans Conservation reminds us that we can all get involved and help make the world a better place.