We met up with the Swedish blogger, writer and TRIWA ambassador Michaela Forni to ask her about her favorite spots in Stockholm!

If you could only choose one place in Stockholm for the following: Breakfast, Date, Dinner & drinks with friends. Where would you go?

I would choose breakfast at Snickarbacken 7! I love to go there early mornings with my computer and have a little alone time. For a date, I like Oaxen Slip - Djurgården is the perfect place for dates, both during day and night. My new favourite place for dinner and drink is Bardot, a new restaurant in the middle of Stockholm!

Do you have any "hidden spots” in Stockholm that you would like to share with us?
Etnografiska museet is a great sunday activity. Dont miss their restaurant/coffee shop with all organic food and sweets.

What’s the most nostalgic place in Stockholm for you? 
Probably Gröna Lund, because it was my all time favourite place when I was a kid. We went there once every year and it was the best day of the whole year!

What do you miss in Stockholm?
More messy drink-places, haha. I love places that are a restaurant and nightclub in one. Loud music, dancing at the table but still with great food!

What activities (museums + restaurants etc) would you recommend for someone who just have 1 day in Stockholm ?
Moderna Museet is great, have a brunch at Hotel Skeppsholmen right across the street from the museum. Have a coffee at Il Caffe (Mäster Samuelsgatan) and make a couple of shopping stops at Biblioteksgatan. Dinner and drinks at Milles and then end the night with more drinks at Story Hotel/Ling Long



We love our hometown, this is where we live, eat, love and find inspiration. This time around we would like to share our favourite romantic places.

This is the perfect place for a getaway, even if it’s only for the afternoon or the whole weekend. Bring a person you love and enjoy a wonderful time of Japanese inspired treatments, restaurants and activities. Arrive in the afternoon and check in to the beautiful, harmonic hotel, where every room is decorated in Japanese style and the view looks over Höggarnsfjärden.

Slide into your very own Yukata, the signature robe every guest gets when they arrive, and it’s not supposed to be taken off during your whole visit. Then it’s time for you and your company to do whatever you want in order for you to relax, calm down and enjoy everything the spa has to offer.

Why not take a yoga class? Or try out the Wellness Massage Air treatment - a relaxing and meditative experience. Or, you can also choose to hang out by the pool and the sauna and come and go just as you like.


A restaurant with as much history as romance! If Moulin Rouge is one of your favourite movies, you must bring your loved one here.

Located in the Old Town of Stockholm, this restaurant has storys from all the way back to the Middle ages. That’s when this place was where to go to get the best fish. Today, you can not only get a perfectly cooked salmon, you can also get an amazing entrecôte.

The atmosphere is cinematic and taken right from the early 1920’s. Red walls, ceiling, tables, red everywhere. Put on your best outfit and get all romantic, this place calls for a date night!


What kind of gift could never go wrong? That’s right - Chocolate! Even if it’s for you or for a loved one, we highly recommend you to visit Chokladfabriken on Renstiernas gata 12 in Stockholm.

An awarded chocolate factory with a lovely little store filled with chocolate pralines, truffles, cakes and cookies in every kind and form as you can think of. Buy your favourite homemade chocolates, stop by for a cup of hot coco, or bring a friend for the chocolate tasting!

Watch, feel, smell and of course - taste countless of different sorts of chocolate and learn about the coco bean. But remember to arrive with an empty stomach… Are you a true chocolate lover with a ridiculously strong sweet tooth? If yes, don’t forget to sign up for a chocolate course!



We love our hometown, this is where we live, eat, love and find inspiration.
To give you a better insight into our lovely city we would like to share our favourite brunch spots. Enjoy!

In the eclectic part of Stockholm City, you´ll find Södermalm, and most importantly Södra Teatern. This place has got it all; magical concerts, one of the best clubs in Stockholm, rooftop bar (only during the summer though) and a killer restaurant.

And speaking of food, who doesn´t like to brunch? And who doesn´t like to brunch while listening to great live music? This is exactly what you can do at Södra Teatern. But you should be aware that it´s very busy, so to book a table is a must.

Meat-eater or vegetarian – this is for all the above, so go bananas and enjoy! And as Christmas is just around the corner don’t be surprised if you´ll be dining to carols to get you into the Christmas spirit.


Don´t forget to visit the archipelago when you´re in Stockholm, regardless of what season it is, it´s breathtaking. We especially want to recommend you to visit Artipelag which is placed on one of Sweden’s biggest islands called Värmdö. Artipelag is an international venue for art, great food and activities. The surroundings will blow you away.

Make sure you hit the brunch with an empty stomach, try as much as you possibly can and then finish your meal with desserts from heaven. If you´re into fashion or just like to look at beautiful things, then go see the exhibition with Lars Wallin. Lars Wallin is a well-known Swedish designer and he is celebrating 25 years in the fashion industry by bringing the acclaimed exhibition Lars Wallin – Fashion Stories to Artipelag. This exhibition includes many of his latest dresses and costumes that have never been shown before.


Like seafood? Love seafood? Can´t possibly live without seafood? Either way, you have got to try the brunch at Mister French. This gem is situated by the water close to the beautiful Old Town and you´re probably going to think that you died and came to seafood-heaven.

Here you´ll find all types; oysters, shrimps, crab and lobster of course. And it´s all fresh, fresh, fresh! Maybe there´s someone in your party that´s not a big fan of seafood, if that´s the case then don’t worry. They also have tasty salads, great meat fresh of the grill and lots of bubbly. But hey, they´d be missing out on the goodies. Seafood for the people!

We love our hometown, this is where we live, eat, love and find inspiration. To give you a better insight into our lovely city we would like to share our favourite spots and stories with you.  

You will not regret having your first meal of the day at Luzette. This classical place is situated at the Central Station, in the heart of Stockholm. It´s a modern brasserie with high ceiling, lots of light, and the feel to it is luxury in a good way.

You will probably have trouble choosing what you want from the menu because everything sounds great, and it is! Make sure you try the scones, they are to die for. And if this doesn’t get you off to a great start, then honestly we don’t know what will. Enjoy!


If you feel like going to state of the art exhibitions, then this is the place to visit. Just by the water towards Södermalm in Stockholm you´ll find Fotografiska. For this weekend we would especially like to recommend an exhibition with Helena Schmitz, one of Sweden’s most successful art photographers.

Here is Fotografiska’s description of her current exhibition Transitions. In Transitions, the forces of nature come up against human beings’ futile attempts of to capture the moment and control time – the hopelessness of the idea that we are the masters of creation, and nature’s merciless reply to this destructive utopia.  

Ling Long is a restaurant that belongs to Story Hotel which is one of Stockholm’s busiest hotels. Dinner at Ling Long will be anything but boring; the atmosphere, the food and last but not least the drinks are amazing.

They probably serve the best Asian food you can find in Stockholm, and no the menu is not only filled with chicken and meat! They also have great dishes with fish, and if you´re a vegetarian or vegan then trust me, you´ll go back.

Three dishes you just have to try; the corn, bao with oumph and the papaya salad. Wash this down with some great drinks and don’t look at the drink menu, just ask for the bartenders’ choice, you won´t be disappointed.