Weekend in Stockholm

weekend in stockholm

A weekend in Stockholm. We love our hometown, this is where we live, eat, love and find inspiration. To give you a better insight into our lovely city we would like to share our favourite spots and stories with you.  

Breakfast at


Centralplan 25
Saturday 09.00 - 00.00
Sunday 09.00 - 22.00

You will not regret having your first meal of the day at Luzette. This classical place is situated at the Central Station, in the heart of Stockholm. It´s a modern brasserie with high ceilings, lots of light, with a luxurious feel.

You will probably have trouble choosing what you want from the menu because everything sounds great, and it is! Make sure you try the scones, they are to die for. And if this doesn’t kick start your day, then in all honesty we don’t know what will. Enjoy!

Afternoon at


Stadsgårdshamnen 22
Thursday - Saturday 09.00 - 01.00
Sunday - Wednesday 09.00 - 23.00

If you feel like going to a state of the art exhibition, then this is the place to visit. Located by the water near Södermalm in you´ll find Fotografiska. For this weekend, we would like to recommend an exhibition by Helena Schmitz, one of Sweden’s most successful art photographers.

Here is Fotografiska’s description of her current exhibition ‘Transitions’:

In Transitions, the forces of nature come up against human beings’ futile attempts of to capture the moment and control time – the hopelessness of the idea that we are the masters of creation, and nature’s merciless reply to this destructive utopia.  

Dinner and drinks at

Ling Long

Riddargatan 6
Friday 19.00 - 01.00
Saturday 16.00 - 01.00
Sunday 16.00 - 12.00

Ling Long is a restaurant that belongs to Story Hotel which is one of Stockholm’s busiest hotels. Dinner at Ling Long will be anything but boring; the atmosphere, the food and last but not least the drinks are amazing.

They probably serve the best Asian food you can find in Stockholm, and no the menu is not only filled with chicken and meat! They also have great dishes with fish, and if you´re a vegetarian or vegan then trust me, you´ll want to go back!

Three dishes you just have to try; the corn, bao with oomph, and the papaya salad. Wash this down with some great drinks - no need to look at the drink menu, just ask for the bartenders’ choice, you won´t be disappointed!