We love our hometown, this is where we live, eat, love and find inspiration. There are countless things to do in Stockholm, this time around we would like to share our favourite coffee places!

Straight up great coffee at


Swedenborgsgatan 7
Monday-Friday 07.00-20.00
Saturday & Sunday 08.00-19.00

If what you’re looking for is straight up great coffee, then we recommend this place. Johan & Nyström was founded by five friends who all thought that Sweden, which is supposed to be the country of “fika”, lacked good quality coffee.

They traveled and visited a lot of different coffee plantations which resulted in longstanding relationships with coffee farmers that shares the same passion for coffee, and that grows it with respect and harmony for the product and the environment.

Two of their six concept stores are located in central Stockholm, visit one for a lovely take away latte on the run, or stay and truly enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee.

Taste the difference between coffee origins at


Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10
Monday-Friday 08.00-18.00
Saturday & Sunday 10.00-18.00

Founded as a small coffee bar in central Stockholm with a coffee roaster that weighed one kilo, it has now grown into a full business with a coffee roaster of 25 kilos.

Their flavour vision is clear and simple - you should be able to taste as much of the coffee’s acidity and sweetness as possible. If you taste it carefully, you’ll be able to notice that some cups of coffee are more acidic and juicy, while others are creamy and chocolatey depending on the origin.

Drop Coffee has been awarded Swedish Champions of the Roasting Championship and second best in the World Roasting Championship, that is worth a visit!

Awarded “Stockholm’s best café” at


Norrtullsgatan 4
Monday-Friday 07.00-19.00
Saturday & Sunday 09.00-18.00

This place has been awarded “Stockholm’s best café”, and we can see why!

It was founded by three siblings who loves coffee, and that is definitely noticeable when drinking it.
The coffee has been grown and harvested under ideal conditions and the process between a ripe coffee berry to a cappuccino is done with the outmost care to provide true quality coffee.

Don’t forget to have something to eat while you’re there, the food is delicious!

Photographers: César Reis och Nina Lindgren

Experience a perfect “fika moment” at


Sankt Eriksgatan 88
Monday-Thursday 07.00-20.00
Friday 07.00-18.00, Saturday & Sunday 09.00-18.00

This is a café with a lovely Instagram-friendly environment, and a place that has that little extra!

You will truly experience a perfect “fika moment” while you’re here. With friendly baristas that serves delicious coffee, good food and a bit too delicious pastries, this spot is just great.