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What Makes TRIWA Unique: Materials

Innovating with Materials

At TRIWA, we use innovative materials to develop products that push the watch and accessories industry forward. TRIWA has been at the forefront in innovation in 3 materials over the last 5 years:

By innovating with materials, we hope to further the drive for all industries to use sustainable sustainable materials. We hope to normalize the concept of Circularity - thinking of all materials as assets, and whenever possible using materials that are not virgin. In doing so, we hope that TRIWA is making a much larger contribution to the world than only within the watch and accessories space.

ocean plastic process

What Makes TRIWA Unique: Supporting Good Causes

Supporting Good Causes

We believe that everybody can make a difference, and if there's a way we can support causes that we believe in, we will do it. This means we support organizations that make a difference today, and make a difference for tomorrow as well.

Time for Peace - Our Business Model

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At TRIWA we constantly push the boundaries of sustainable watches and accessories. With materials like recycled ocean plastic, and destructed illegal weapons, we're able to create unique and meaningful pieces that spark important conversations. And besides from high-quality products with minimal environmental impact, we always looking to support organizations that strive to drive positive change in the world. So whether you're making waves in the ocean or just making a statement on the streets, TRIWA has a watch that fits your style and values. What time is it? Time for change.

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