In a world full of digital gadgets showing time and a watch industry gorging itself on run-of-the-mill
male clichés, assorted status symbols and plenty of mahogany, the time was right for something more contemporary and creative. That was all the reason the four founders needed to quit their day jobs and put all their waking hours into the shared dream of creating a watch brand. Whereas they may not have had the haughty Swiss watch-making pedigree, they did have a passion for the product, a contemporary idea, and a will to transform. So they named themselves TRIWA (Transforming the Industry of Watches) and set off.

Using Andy Warhol’s Factory as inspiration, they set up a creative studio in the heart of
Stockholm, focusing single-mindedly on the transformation of the analogue wristwatch. TRIWA’s main thesis is that, since time is constantly being presented on various gadgets, the main purpose of the wristwatch is to look and feel good. If you’re after the precision required for Formula 1 or landing on the moon, you would probably be better off with a smartphone. But if style, feel and quality are what’s important to you, you too are most likely a TRIWA believer.

In 2007, the debut collection of 400 watches was launched, but in fashion stores rather
than in traditional watch retailers. It was sold out within a month. Since then TRIWA has followed the seasonal calendar of fashion houses, presenting two main collections per year. These were soon joined by the first sunglass collection, called TRIWA SHADES and launched in 2009, which has been a natural part of the TRIWA DNA ever since.

That DNA is also full of their Scandinavian heritage, something that is clearly visible in the product design and the brand itself. Today the Stockholm Factory houses 15 employees, every single one devoted to the task of developing the products that he or she wants to wear next. In fact, that is the simplest way to put what TRIWA does into words: we only design watches and sunglasses that we would wear ourselves.

Today TRIWA is represented on 20 markets and is selling in over 1200 selected stores worldwide. The 400 sold watches has turned into over 500 000 TRIWA customers and nowadays, the shades sees the sunrise 24 hours a day, all over the world.


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Ludvig Scheja

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Charlotte Bielke